Chipped Tooth? Don’t Frown… Fix it with a Dental Crown (in an Hour)

Does this story sound familiar? It was six days before Christmas and I was having a merry time and drinks and in my zeal to sample a holiday treat I broke my two front teeth. I gasped in terror when I saw how much my smile had changed. Believe it or not, the next day I was sitting in the dental chair getting two porcelain crowns made.

While I was waiting to get numb, I was amazed at how much my broken teeth affected how I felt about myself, and the way I bite and chew my food. Cosmetics aside, repairing broken teeth is important. Teeth play key roles in your ability to eat, speak and stay healthy.

Typically, getting a dental crown involves tooth drilling, hastily made temporaries, and a few weeks later another visit for fittings. However, with the advent of CAD/CAM dentistry, the experience is entirely different. Instead of waiting on a laboratory to return your case, your dentist can design and fabricate your crowns in a single visit. Even more impressive, is that in most cases this can all be completed without impressions, no mess, and in about an hour while you wait in the office.

At Dental Crown in an Hour, we use the latest CAD/CAM technology available and support American made products by our commitment to E4D Technology. To better serve you, we employ a full time ceramist to custom shade and tailor your restorations for an exact match to your existing teeth. Our everyday low price for porcelain crowns, veneers and fillings, (inlays and onlays) are just $495.00!

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  • Dental Crown in an Hour Testimonial

    "Dental Hygienist Max Wassel did an outstanding job today on my cleaning....Its been 5 years since I've been to the dentist due to past bad experiences and anxiety. Max has a great sense of humor and was very gentle and I was able to leave the office with no pain, clean teeth, and a smile on my face. This is a big thank you from Joshua and Elizabeth"
    - Elizabeth

  • Dental Crown in an Hour Testimonial

    "Thank you for the wonderful service and restoring my smile. From the dental assistant Nelson, lab tech Josh and Dr. Um I received careful and friendly care. I would strongly recommend Dental Crown in an Hour to any and all who need restoration of their smile."
    - Dee

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