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Dr. Mattschei has always believed that the simple things in life are what matter most. Growing up as a first-generation American in the Tampa Bay Area, he found his passion for serving and helping others at an early age. Leadership has always been a strong quality for Dr. Mattschei. He started demonstrating this role as a high school student through government and civic organizations, and continued as he progressed into his college years, as a student at the University of South Florida, and then serving as class president at Marquette University School of Dentistry.

At Marquette University Dr. Mattschei first had the opportunity to further his calling for quality, affordable dental care to the underprivileged of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Upon graduation, Dr. Mattschei continued to offer exceptional care as a resident at Waterbury Health Center Hospital in Connecticut. Life and educational experiences provided the cornerstones for the vision for “Dental Crown in an Hour.” Using E4D and WaveOne technology, Dr. Mattschei provides the opportunity for all patients to fix broken, painful teeth for a fraction of the time and cost, regardless of finances or insurance.

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