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Fluoride Treatment in Fort Myers, Naples & Bonita Springs, FL

Fluoride for Children

Dental Crown in an Hour welcomes children that are 7 years or older. Fluoride is a mineral that possesses the unique ability of being able to strengthen the enamel of the teeth, and therefore aid in protecting the teeth against decay and disease. That is why expert dentists at the Dental Crown in an Hour clinics in Fort Myers and Naples recommend fluoride treatments for children.

Fluoride provides strength to the teeth by infusing itself with the structure of the enamel, providing more resistance against decay and acid attack. When the teeth are growing, fluoride is obtained via the bloodstream ; the intake mostly happens through adding it to an area’s drinking water supply. In case the water supply in your area is not fluoridated, you can request dietary fluoride supplements at our dental office. After the teeth have erupted, topical treatments such as fluoridated toothpaste or other dental products can provide added strength to the enamel by coming in direct contact with it.

Professional fluoride treatments at Dental Crown in an Hour are performed under strict clinical guidelines after a child’s teeth have been cleaned thoroughly. They can be administered in the form of foam, varnish or gel. The application strengthens the teeth of children who do live in areas where the drinking water supply is not fluoridated. Fluoride treatments can greatly reduce the risk of cavities and other dental diseases, offering a shield of protection as the teeth grow and develop.

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