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Mouth Guards For Adults

Your smile is one of your most important assets and protecting it is very important to your looks and the overall functioning of your oral system. Dental mouth guards protect the teeth from injury and damage while playing sports or for those who suffer from bruxism (the habit of clenching and grinding their teeth). These are made using either laminate or soft plastic. They cover the teeth and also separate the upper and lower jaws, therefore protecting them from sharp blows or damage caused by grinding. Additionally, mouth guards can also decrease the risk of concussions by preventing the joint of the jaw from hitting into the base of the brain during an impact.

Although several types of ready to use mouth guards are available in the market, at Dental Crown in an Hour, our expert dentists advise patients to use custom made guards designed specifically according to one’s needs and size. Store-bought mouth guards can be uncomfortable to wear as they may not fit everyone well and are also bulky and wear down quickly. Such mouth guards can also interfere with breathing and speaking, thereby eliminating their use as the right choice for everyone.

Custom dental mouthguards offered at the Dental Crown in an Hour clinic in Naples and Fort Myers are made using an impression of your teeth. They are manufactured in a dental laboratory using high-quality, light weight material that does not feel bulky and also allows you to speak and breathe with ease. All of this, while providing maximum protection to your teeth against injuries and damage caused by playing contact sports or due to bruxism.

If you are an adult player of contact sports or if you suffer from the habit of grinding your teeth at night, consider getting a high-quality custom mouth guard at Dental Crown in an Hour. Contact our nearest clinic for an appointment today.

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