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Sealants in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Florida

Our teeth have a number of grooves and crevices on their surface, which are hard to clean using a toothbrush and dental floss. Plaque often accumulates in these areas, leading to infection and tooth decay. We recommend dental sealants for children to help protect their teeth from cavities.

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What Are Sealants?

Dental sealants are a plastic coating applied to the grooves and fissures of the premolars and molars in order to seal them from decay and damage. They provide a smooth surface on the grooves and pits for added protection to the tooth surface. Sealants are mostly used for children, and can also be used on adult teeth that are at a risk of developing caries.

In children, dental sealants are placed on the fissures of the permanent molars and premolars, after the chewing surfaces of the teeth have completely erupted from the gum. We may recommend sealants for a child’s primary teeth if we see deep grooves in them.

Prior to placement of sealants, the tooth surface is thoroughly cleaned by a dental hygienist. After washing and drying the tooth, an acidic solution is applied to the fissured area. This creates a fine rougher surface that can be viewed with a microscope, which helps in attaching the sealant to the tooth. The acid solution is removed and the tooth is dried again before applying the dental sealant and hardening it with a special light.

Dental sealants protect the tooth surface from damage and decay for years and years. It is also possible to replace them if they get damaged or worn. If you wish to get dental sealants for your child or for your own teeth, contact Dental Crown in an Hour.

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Our practice offers flexible, affordable financing options to fit your needs, lifestyle, and budget. If you have been diagnosed and received a treatment plan from another practice, bring it with you during your consultation. We will work with you to find the most cost-effective treatment plan. Don't let the cost of dental care affect your overall health.

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