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Dentures are for those who have lost some or all of their natural teeth. A complete set of dentures can look very natural and are customized for each patient. Each denture (also called a plate) sits right on your gums. In order for your dentures to fit perfectly, it will take several steps after the initial dentures have been crafted. It is not abnormal for dentures to feel a bit uncomfortable at first, and it may take some time and practice before you talk and eat without the dentures slipping or clicking.



The premium partial denture is highly cosmetic, made of exceptional excellent quality acrylic and stronger teeth. Our premium partial denture is crafted by hand in our own Denture Lab to the exact specifications of each individual patient. We’ll help you choose from 20 different shades to achieve the optimum match for a natural look.


  • Micro-Fit-Acrylic (for the best fit)
  • Strong and fracture resistant
  • Lightest, most durable denture material
  • Premium quality teeth with 20 stain-resistant shade choices
  • Natural look with matching tissue color

Tooth Shades: 20

Comfort Adjustment: Unlimited comfort adjustments for three years


Affordability and custom craftsmanship – you can have it all with our Deluxe Partial denture, they’re handcrafted in our on-site lab by specialists who are skilled in the art of creating a natural look. Dental Crown in an Hour partial Dentures are strong enough to withstand years of wear.


  • High-quality teeth
  • Lightweight Acrylic
  • Strong and fracture resistant
  • Portrait Teeth
  • Many shades to choose from

Tooth Shades: 12

Comfort Adjustment: One year


Our Basic partial dentures are proven performers designed to deliver a lot of value while fitting into almost anyone’s budget. They’re created by the same trained experts who craft our premium partial dentures, and they’re made with a full commitment to performance.


  • Medium -High Impact Acrylic
  • Classic Teeth
  • Monotone appearance
  • Limited shades, sizes, and shape

Tooth Shades: 6

Comfort Adjustment: One year

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