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Your natural teeth help you in eating, maintaining the structure of your jawbone and in giving overall shape to your face. At Dental Crown in an Hour, our top priority is to save your teeth from disease and damage. But in some cases, tooth extractions are unavoidable.

We take every necessary step to make sure that you stay calm and comfortable during the extraction procedure. We also have sedation dentistry options for patients who suffer from anxiety and for those who need to undergo a long procedure such as multiple extractions. Our dental experts will walk you through each step before the start of the procedure.

We will begin by taking an X-Ray of the mouth to see the exact position of the tooth/teeth to be extracted. You will be given local anesthesia and the tooth will be gently pulled out. You will only feel pressure but no pain during this time. The area will then be cleaned and a gauze pad will be placed to control bleeding. It is natural to experience changes in your mouth after tooth removal. We will give you all the details on the after-care needed for the extraction site to heal properly.

Once you go home after the procedure, it is important to not create any pressure on the extraction site, so rinsing, drinking with a straw, strenuous activities, alcohol intake, smoking and eating hard or hot foods should be avoided for at least 24 hours. Take your prescribed medication on time and call our clinic immediately if you experience the slightest of abnormalities or discomfort.

Schedule your appointment at Dental Crown in an Hour clinic today and our experts will let you know in case you need extraction for one or more of your teeth. We are located at:

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