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Root Canal Treatment in Naples, Fort Myers and Bonita Springs, Florida

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Root Canal Treatment in Naples, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Florida

A root canal treatment (also known as endodontic therapy) is used to save a tooth that is decayed, injured or cracked in such a way that the pulp (a tooth’s inner portion consisting of the nerve tissue) gets damaged. If left untreated, a root canal infection can cause tooth abscesses and even tooth loss in extreme cases. That’s why it's important to see a dental professional who does root canals if you are located in Bonita Springs, Naples, or Fort Myers.

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Root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp and the tooth nerve and cleaning, medicating and sealing the tooth’s inner chamber. A dental restoration such as a crown may be placed over the treated tooth in order to protect and strengthen it. The procedure begins by taking an X-Ray of the teeth to determine the extent of the infection. A treatment plan is prepared accordingly.

Before starting the treatment, local anesthesia is administered and a protective sheet is placed over the tooth being treated in order to isolate it from the rest of the teeth. The dentist will then make an opening at the top of the tooth to remove the infected pulp and nerves from inside and then clean and flush the area thoroughly. For even better outcomes, we can photoacoustically clean and disinfect the root canal system with a laser, which penetrates areas that traditional methods can sometime miss. The canal is then filled with a material called gutta percha and a temporary restoration is placed. Once the area has healed, a permanent crown is placed and the temporary one is removed.

Symptoms of a root canal infection

  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold foods
  • Pain and discoloration in the tooth or gum
  • Tenderness in the tooth upon touching
  • Drainage of pus in the mouth
  • A tooth abscess
  • Swelling or tenderness of the lymph nodes under the jaw
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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Procedures

A root canal is often needed when the pulp of the tooth gets infected due to decay or injury to the tooth. Our dentists at Dental Crown in an Hour can help save your natural tooth by performing this endodontic treatment. If you do not save the tooth, a bridge or dental implants will be necessary to keep your teeth from shifting out of place. Call one of our offices if you have any symptoms of an infected tooth, such as swelling, tooth sensitivity or pain. We use the latest technology where the root canal procedure is simplified. We will make you feel better in about an hour!

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Dental Crown in an Hour accepts most PPO dental insurance plans. Our offices are also in-network with Guardian, MetLife, Cigna, Delta Dental, and United Healthcare. To help fit care into your lifestyle and budget, we also offer affordable financing through CareCredit, Sunbit and Cherry Payment Plans.

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Bring in a treatment plan from a licensed dentist within 50 miles from our offices and we will beat or match the price. Dental Crown in an Hour, your low-cost leader in Southwest Florida for same-day dentistry at truly affordable prices since 2012, is proud to offer our price guarantee!

Root Canal Treatment in , Florida

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