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Cracked Teeth

Cracks in the teeth may be caused due to a variety of reasons such as trauma, injury, biting on hard foods, bruxism (the habit of excessively grinding or clenching the teeth), or very large fillings. A cracked tooth may not show any symptoms at all in some cases, though most people with cracked teeth report experiencing tooth sensitivity, sharp pain while biting and pain in the tooth that comes and goes without a reason.

A cracked tooth causes pain upon biting because biting pressure can cause the crack to open and then close when the pressure is released. This causes irritation in the pulp of the tooth. Extreme irritation of the pulp may lead to damage and disease in the inner portion of the tooth. In such a case, root canal therapy may be needed to save the tooth.

The treatment for cracked teeth depends on the location and extent of the crack and the health of the affected tooth. Cracks that only graze the surface of a tooth (craze lines) do not affect the tooth’s health and therefore require no treatment. However, cracks that are deeper need immediate attention to prevent damage and infection in the tooth. Common treatments for cracked teeth include:

  • Dental fillings that repair the crack
  • Dental crowns to protect the cracked tooth from damage
  • Root canal therapy for cracked teeth whose pulp is infected
  • Extraction of teeth where a crack causes a split in the tooth

If you suspect having a crack in one or more of your teeth, schedule a consultation at Dental Crown in an Hour. Our expert dentists will evaluate your teeth and suggest the best course of treatment. Our clinics are located in Naples and Fort Myers.

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